Nirbhaya Gone : What Next

Mortal remains of Nirbhaya returned to India in the early morning and body cremated under tight security. As more and more news emerge of theo unspeakable and unimaginable brutality the six beasts subjected to Nirbhaya, it is imperative that this must never be allowed to be forgotten. More I read, more I shudder what the hapless girl must have gone through for nearly an hour. Her intestines pulled out, her abdomen punched brutally and the beasts enjoyed when she screamed and bled. 
Ram Singh and associates are psychopaths. They do not have any remorse. They were reasonably certain that they will get away. So confident he was, he brought the bus to the place it was parked. He cooked and ate chicken after the incident. He washed the bus to remove traces of evidence. Another key monster is reportedly underage. Many claiming he may get away by serving three years. If this person is unleashed in society knowingly, then it will be inexcusable. Someone so brutal deserved death or lockingup for rest of his life. This person no human and does not deserve the same humane treatment. There are many more such beasts lurking in dark alleys waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims. Unless or governance, our policing and delivery of justice improves we are in for trouble.

To add insult to injury, it came out in news paper that police could trace the bus rapidly from their hafta diary. This means the bus was plying illegally and police knew it as they used to get a portion of the income. That is why bus could go through several check posts without any problem. Yet we heard Delhi Police commissioner and Indian Home Secretary patted each other on their back how police had acted so speedily. How much brazen can one really be? Police commissioner, a political appointee, knows he will be protected as long as his godfathers are happy. To hell with common public!

Since our police force is used to protect VIPs and criminals masquerading as politician, they have no time for us, the common people. Criminals, like Ram Singh and others, know this and they are certain nothing will happen to them as long as they pay police. Police is ill equipped, ill trained, disinterested and over burdened to protect those who do not need protection. Judiciary overworked. In small towns, lower judiciary in cahoots with rich and powerful. Many a time only the letter of the law is read, spirit is ignored. Judges seldom apply mind, when they do high profile lawyers eat them out on technicality. Economic liberalisation has opened opportunity. However, our governance remained to the state of pre independence era. There is and there will be discrimination, there will be anger at perceived inequality and insult. However, if law enforcement is effective, justice is meted out speedily, then many crimes will not happen. If police had intercepted the bus at one of their checkposts, then today may be Nirbhaya will be with her family. I hope government brings about appropriate change in governance so that other Nirbhayas do not have to suffer like this.

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