Nirbhaya and Asaram Bapu

Recently Asaram Bapu, a self styled godman also commented on Nirbhaya. Bapuji claimed, in the horrible rape, Nirbhaya also had a role. As a result, she had to share part of the blame. Nirbhaya did not look if bus was full of passengers, Nirbhaya did not call her rapists as brothers and did not fall to their feet begging forgiveness for being a woman. These are not exact translation, but one can get the gist of it. Predictably, the statements created a storm. Eventually, Asaram Bapu retracted his statement and said sorry.
Asaram Bapu has many contradictions. He claims to have entered samadhi. Yet he married and procreated. He is an ascetic yet he has property worth multiple of crores. He is supposedly a practioner of bhaki yoga, yet there was allegation of two boys died in his ashrama. Never mind he go acquitted, but a shadow of doubt persists. Let us understand his credibility when a man full of so many contradictions makes a statement on a girl who was brutally raped and tortured by six animals. 
Asaram bapu probably wanted to preach power of mind over matter. However, for ordinary people is it easy to influence people that are drunk and high on hormone? Does bapuji has power to tame such wild beasts? Does bapuji’s followers have courage of conviction to dissuade these brutes? If bapuji is so convinced of his power, let he or his disciple show how they can tame a raging bull. If they cannot, they should not add insult to injury.
In society, we need to follow the rules of society. That is how common people will be able to move around freely without fear. To enforce this rule, we have police. If bapuji wants to remain in society, then he has to follow the rules and regulations of society, that include not making outrageous statements about criminal activity.
Why not bapuji advice our government not to have police, and let everyone embrace criminals and crooks claiming they are our brothers? I think there is a wide chasm between what bapuji practices and what he preaches. If he is sane, he should stop making this kind of statements. Should a siddha yogi not try to bring succour to aggrieved people, instead of flaming the fire of controversy? God save us from such yogis.

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