Nirbhaya: India Failed Her Again

Ram Singh, the master mind and ringleader of the gang of people that raped and disembowelled Nirbhaya and left her to die on the street of Delhi is no more. Ram Singh committed suicide while in judicial custody in Tihar jail. Ram Singh was being tried in fast track court for his crime. Many believe Tihar jail has attack record of not many inmates committing suicide. Yet Ram Singh is no more. Family of Nirbhaya is deprived of satisfaction that their daughters tormentor has got due punishment. I am both sad and angry that Ram Singh is dead. I would have liked to see the judge reading his sentence of Ram Singh. He should have been sentenced to death for his crime on Nirbhaya. It is a shame that our police and jail administrators could not keep Ram Singh away from his suicidal tendency. This shows lack of system, outdated methodology and complete lack of accountability on the part of system. Many people, specially those close to Ram Singh, feel that Ram Singh was murdered. It is easy to understand that Ram Singh could not have hung himself from the ceiling, without his cell mates, all three of them sleeping in the same room, knowledge. Ram Singh was not tall enough to reach the ceiling. Further credence to murder theory comes from the news that a criminal gang had vowed to eliminate Ram Singh and associates on their way to court. Strangely, our police were in the knowledge of the matter, because police had tapped a telephone of a jailed criminal. Incidentally, cell phones are not allowed in prison. However, police in stead of confiscating phone from a jailed crook, kept on eavesdropping on the phone conversation. Although, postmortem has indicated that Ram Singh died due to hanging and not killed first and hung later. However, if there is an aorta of truth in the rumor of Ram Singh being murdered, then it is equally reprihensible and must be investigated. Many believe death of Ram Singh is good riddance. A hate filled monster has left us. However, irrespective of whether Ram Singh committed suicide or he was murdered, both events were equally unacceptable. How come jail authorities could not keep an allegedly suicidal convict alive to face trial? If jail authorities had overheard someone trying to kill Ram Singh, why did they not take precautio? The whole country feels let down by our incompetent managers, that a brutal criminal evaded justice system again. The second most brutal member of the Ram Singh gang has been accepted as juvenile. He will most likely be out in three years. Ram Singh died his own death. Some justice society is giving to Nirbhaya. Shame on us.”>

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