Rahul Gandhi and India

 In a recent speech to business leaders at CII on 4th of April, 2013, Mr Gandhi commented about a lot of things that needs to be done to harness energies of a billion people., he did not suggest one concrete measure that should be taken. For nearly 55 years, Mr Gandhi’s party has ruled India. However, the party had no clue how to address the issues faced by Indians, which Mr Gandhi mentions as complexity of India. India since its inception has always wanted the world to be a better place where every thing is just and fair. India wanted everyone in the world should behave following lofty ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. We expected people shold be honest, fair, kind to others, sacrifice their lives for his neighbor etc. However, in reality things were very different. In our vanity we ignored that in a society there are all kinds of people. Not all people subscribe to same philosophy or attitude to life. To conform to social rules we need to follow rule of law and good governance. Our foreign policy was preachy, we always blamed West for the problems of the world and for their lack of culture. However, in our narrow view of the world, we never understood that to be heard in the world one needs to have clout and friends. India had little financial clout, India never provided rudimentary facilities to her citizens that citizens of other countries take for granted. Indian sanctimonious attitude had deprived us of friends. Post economic liberalisation, India developed financial clout because of high growth rate. However, congress party led UPA has diminished India’s growth story again. Is it so difficult to understand if in the name of inclusive growth. There is no denying country is as strong as its weakest people. Question is how do we carry our weak. Do we give him assured dole or teach him how to earn his living so that he can take care of himself. In a growing economy people will come out of poverty. The wealth generated can be used to help people that are left out of growth story. Is this so difficult and complex. Instead of discussing should we grow first or should we help people first to come out of out of poverty, why can we not do both at the same time? It is a practical matter in day to day world, that world listens to those who have money, power and influence. India be prepared to be marginalised, if you have none.


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