Indian Railways

Railway station fascinates me. The apparent chaos, the sense of impending movement, nervousness of travellers and some indescribable emotion. Amazing microcosm are railway platforms. there is rich , there is poor. burkha clad muslim woman, jeans clad modern girl. Sikhs, muslims, tribals, brahmins, businessman and executive everyone is there, There is a strange admixture of emotion. Those who will be travelling, those who will see them off, others who are out there to make a living and people who are just standing there as witness to humanity in motion. As train enters the platform, there is activity. Passengers jostle with fellow travellers and porters to get in their compartments. Gradually things settle down. People get ready to move on. Train leaves, so does people with their past, with their experiences, memories and expectation of things about to come. To me train journey signifies life, it indicates movement, adjustment and a call of the unknown distant place. As station after station run past, so does many lives, their routine, their happiness and sorrow. I wish my journey never ends. Alas, like life, train journey also ends and we have to get off at some point. Some early, some later. I wish trains were cleaner, may be journey would be more enjoyable. Like life, Indian railways reflect us, our attitude, our likes and dislikes, our pleasure and pain. So a sanitised train journey will be professional and business like but will be devoid of thrill and adventure.

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