Can Narendra Modi Become Prime Minister of India?

There is no doubt that post Godhra riots were a blot in Indian history. Whether Mr Modi was responsible or not, there is no denying that law and order was not restored in a timely manner. Innocent lives were not saved, and as a ruler that failed to protect his own people, Mr Modi did not say sorry. May be Mr Modi is paying the price because allies like JDU are not inclined to accept Modinas prime ministerial candidate. But does this belittle what Modi has done? Firstly he has won three elections. Unlike Delhi-NCR crores of tax payers money has not been poured into Gujarat. Gujarat gas grown 10% or higher for several years. May be Delhi also has grown and attracted foreign investment, unlike Gujarat Delhi is much smaller and easy to manage. Author does not talk about agricultural growth, uninterrupted power supply, visit of Industry leader from India and abroad to Gujarat. If all these are hype, please give examples of other states where things are better. Many deride Gujarat about status of poor and malnourished. Are poor any better in Up, Bengal, Mahrashtra to name a few? Riots  used to happen in India. During congress rule also many riots had happened in Gujarat and in other states like UP. But in past 10 years or more no riot has happened in Gujarat. Look at what is happening in UP. By the way Mr Owaisi is a paragon of secularism. So any one allying with him automatically becomes secular, including congress, left or third front leaders. Modi to become PM will need votes and numbers. Can he get it without allies? No one knows. But so far Modi has given a vision of governance that strikes cord with listeners. We can continue as we have been for past 60 years, or decide to change. Choice is ours.

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