Nirbhayas of India, Country is Failing You

Recently a five year old girl was sexually assaulted and brutalised in Delhi. Perpetrator of crime was girls neighbor. Not only the girl was raped, objects like candle and bottle were inserted in her private part. Some such items were recovered from her body in hospital. On top of the cruelty, the person left the girl to sie by locking the door behind him and left the city.

As we compare present event with high profile Nirbhaya case of Dec, 2012, a striking similarity emerges. In both cases victims were brutalised. Perpetrators showed unusual cruelty. Not only victims were sexually assaulted, they were subjected to undue torture. In Nirbhaya’s case she wa s disembowelled using a rod. In case of the child, objects were put inside her. Nirbhaya was left to die by road side. The child was left to die in a room locked from outside. Perpetrators in Nirbhaya’s case came from lower socioecomic strata of society. Although We do not know of the tormentor of child, most likely he will have comparable profile.

As more and more people move from vast hinterlands of India to big cities, they gain anonymity. The social bonds and norms that bind them in their native land, no longer exist. Easy access to pornographic materials of various hues makes them want to experiment. Arousal of the beast within fuelled by alcohol, creates a dangerous monster ready to prey on the unsuspecting. Being from lower strata of society, that has been repeatedly brutalised over many centuries, pain perception threshold of these people are much higher. As a result these people probably do not even comprehends  or feel that in their orgy, these people are hurting their object of sexual gratification. These band of criminals probably do not even think that they are hurting the woman or girl, because they probably see similar process being enacted in pornographic video and the girl in all likelihood appears to enjoy the brutality.

The issue remains how does society actually prevents such events. Our cities are over crowded. A vast majority of young people with or without money are on the move looking for enjoyment. Efficient policing may be an answer. However, street level police officers come from similar social background as the criminals. Polices attitude to sex related offence on women, perception of cruelty may not be very different from that of offenders. Besides, police can be bought for little payment to ignore a crime. In Nirbhaya’s case the bus where crime happened was plying illegally and went through several police barricades without challenged. In the case of fiv e year old, police did not do much in the first place, actually police wanted to facilitate a compromise. Police actually bribed the family,of the victim not to go to media. This shows post high profile Nirbhaya case, nothing much has changed in our police. Police remains corrupt, cruel, inept and brutal to defenceless. Instead of being protector and enforcer of rule of law police in many case is co accused in crime.

Higher officers do not care. Because common people do not see them. These high level officers have enough protection for their family and friends. They are content with creating process, attending VIPs but are least interested to check if their processes are people friendly and are actually being implemented on ground. Statistics suggest that only 9 police man is there to cater to needs of 10000 private citizens or more. On the other hand nearly 300 police men, including black cat commandos, protect VIPs. Besides, police man’s promotion is controlled by politicians. There exists a nexus between  police- politician – criminal. So police has very little incentive to serve people. India needs reform and autonomy for police. However, one who will grant such autonomy are our politicians. These people have no intention to give up their perks and privileges. 

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