Mahatma Gandhi, Charkha and Empowerment


Mahatma Gandhi, the chief architect of Indian independence, had used spinning wheel or charkha as one of the symbols of his movement. For Gandhiji charkha symbolised empowerment of Indians and independence from British, not physically but also mentally and spiritually. Gandhiji visualised India as sum of self sufficient villages where each caste does its job without feeling inferior to other. Subsequent national leaders understood Gandhiji based on their intellect and inclination. Nehruji embraced socialism with the noble goal of improving lot of Indian poor. He created massive state sponsored industries, that merely employed people but produced nothing or substandard something. Instead of empowering India’s poor, our rulers have made them poorer and slavinsh. Poor has been made to depend on dole from government for survival, instead of unleashing creativity that is nascent in every human being. The air of this dole degenerated into a vote catching machine. I give you food you give me vote. The result of this has been most people consider government to be something different from the society, like a foreign rulers. As we try to cheat a ruler, most people have learnt to cheat government in all spheres of life. We are forgetting that unless rich and poor are empowered by removing government from its role of giver to facilitator, all the wealth of this world may not be  enough to fulfill need of one person, if the person does not learn to earn it himself.

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