Mamata Didi and Tale of Sudipto’s

Trina Mool Congress (TMC), the ruling party in West Bengal, appears to be stumbling from one controversy on to other. Hardly Sudipto Gupta death in police custody subsided, another Sudipto is dragging Mamata Didi, the TMC supremo and chief minister of Bengal, over hot coal. This second Sudipto has swindled poor Bengali investors of their life savings, when his chit fund, read cheat fund, scheme collapsed (see anatomy of scam).
More ominously for Mamata Didi, two members of parliament from her party were reportedly hand in glove with Sudipto Sen (seen in picture, Sudipto Sen with Kunal Ghosh, a Rajya Sabha MP of TMC).

Sen has claimed, in a letter to CBI that these TMC members were pressurising and blackmailing him for money. Seen in picture another TMC member and Member of Parliament, Srinjoy Bose, proclaiming innocence on TV.
Predictably, TMC members have proclaimed innocence and played victim in a complicated web plotted by a swindler, there are many employees of Sudipto Sen’s newspaper group and investors in chit fund scheme have vouched for involvement of TMC members. Many claimed they invested in the scheme because they felt the system had ruling party if West Bengal’s backing. Some say even chief minister of Bengal had been chief guest in functions organised by Sudipto Sen’s business group. Although this present controversy does not implicate Mamata Banerjee, it explains how her political formation has no system and it is a one woman show. If one is in the good books of Didi, then he can do anything yet go unscathed. The exact reason, why two errant members of parliament are still in the party. This reinforces why the goons that attacked Presidency University, those who killed police man in broad day light still go unpunished. While common people who ask Didi question or draw cartoon of her are immediately jailed or publicly humiliated. Only thing that Didi understands is how to win election and how to beat left. She is a populist to the core. To help poor victims of chit fund scheme, Didi has announced a 500 crore fund. Money will come from tax payers pocket. Didi has raised tax on cigarette and asked people to smoke more to help poor of Bengal. However, did has no idea about confiscating property and wealth of TMC rogues and their bed fellows. This may cost her votes. It is clear that one thing is to oppose, to win election by mobilising dissenting voices, it is other thing to run a state. For latter, one needs to have a system have a hierarchy of leadership and a fair and suare approach to people’s problem. Didi has none. She may win elections again, but that is India’s misfortune.

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