We Live in Violent Times

We live in very turbulent and violent times. People thought with end of world war II and with end of cold war between the US and USSR, world will be a haven of peace. However, that has not happened. We have seen violence everywhere and almost on a daily basis. We have seen people with... Continue Reading →

Power Drunk Politicians

What is it about Indian politicians, that once they are elected to office, power goes to their head. A politician who asks with folded hands vote, starts to treat common Indians  worse than a vermin. They loot our money, unleash goons on us, criminally intimidate us, all in the belief that law will never catch... Continue Reading →

Karnataka Elections : Corruption Killed BJP

Congress party has won Karnataka state assembly polls with clear majority in a fair and square manner. More than 60% people voted in a peaceful manner.Good for people from Karnataka. At least they can hope for decisive rule of single party without push and pull of coalition politics as is evident at the centre and... Continue Reading →

Big Fat Indian Wedding : Ugly Side

One can take an Indian out of India but not India out of an Indian. If Ithese were good Indian traits we are talking about, it is a matter to be proud of. However, our NRI brethren are making us laughing stock of the world for all the wrong reasons. Take for example the South... Continue Reading →

Daulat Beg Oldie, A New Theatre of Chinese Power Play

Daulat Beg Oldi ( DBO), is the north eastern most corner of Ladakh, in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, India. DBO is a sensitive military post because of this geography. DBO is just  9 km northwest of the Aksai Chin Line of Actual Control (LAC) between China and India. In April 2013, a contingent of the Chinese Army intruded into Ladakh, India and set up camp approximately 18 km. inside of the Indian... Continue Reading →

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