Karnataka Elections : Corruption Killed BJP

Congress party has won Karnataka state assembly polls with clear majority in a fair and square manner.
More than 60% people voted in a peaceful manner.

Good for people from Karnataka. At least they can hope for decisive rule of single party without push and pull of coalition politics as is evident at the centre and also in the state.

After the festivities are over, common people that voted the party to power would hope and expect that Congress party pushes through good governance and gives a clean and corruption free administration. There is a lot that needs to be done from garbage disposal to traffic management, from managing water shortage, deforestation and rising temperature in cities like Banagalore.

More than a decade ago, BJP got a chance to form its first government in the south of Bindhyas. When neither Congress, BJP or Janata Dal Secular (JDS), led by H D Deve Gowda, did not get the numbers, Congress formed government with support from JDS. However, after six months, Mr. H D Kumaraswamy, son of H D Deve Gowda, decided to withdraw support from Congress. A n agreement was arrived at between Mr. Kumaraswamy and BJP. According to which, Mr. Kumaraswamy will become chief minister for 20 months there after he will handover power to BJP. The arrangement shocked the secularists. Because Mr. Deve Gowda is a avowedly against BJP. Cunning and hypocritical as he is, Mr. Deve Gowda disowned is son publicly. However, he was advicing his son’s political chess moves from behind the scenes. Mr. Kumaraswamy became chief minister for the first 2.5 years. However, after his term was over Kumaraswamy refused to give up the post. After Karnataka went into presidents rule, JDS and BJP again joined hands and Mr. B. S. Yeddyurappa became first BJP chief minister of Karnanataka. In 2008, Mr. Yeddyurappa lead BJP to victory on her own in assembly polls.

Within one year stench of corruption started to emerge. Three Reddy brothers from Bellary, who had very humble origin, became multi millionaires by selling iron ore. 
In 2010 Justice Santosh Hegde, lokayukta of Karnataka state, had investigated the scam. It was observed that illegal mining was damaging ecology and environment very badly. Investigating officer of the caswas suspended, at the behest of Reddy brothers who also happened to be minister and member of legislative assembly. Yeddyurappy and BJP could not punish Reddy brothers, so much was their money power, also muscle power and proximity to higher power in Delhi.

Finally, after intervention of supreme court, Reddy brothers were made to resign and case registered against them. As of now one brother is still in jail.

In 2011, taint of scam reached Mr. Yeddyurappa’s door. He was accused of selling public land to his family members, who in turn was selling them after very high profit. From taking office in 2008 to 2010 Mr. Yeddyurappa’s personal asset had increased by 500%.

Mr. Yeddyurappa was also accused of making money by helping illegal mining lobby. Mr. Yeddyurappa spent time in jail, after putting his nominee as chief minister.

Central BJP that was fighting corrupution in Delhi, could not reinstate scam tainted chief minister again. BJP had to take a tough call, because Mr. Yeddyurappa commanded vote of Lingayat community. It is also important because case of Mr. Yeddyurappa helping mining lobby was thrown out in high court.

 Did BJP do the right thing showing a powerful chief minister the door, when case was not proven? I think it is important that political parties should take such courageous decision on the face of increasing corruption by elected representatives. More so, because no one resigns taking responsibility. In the surcharged atmosphere of corruption and scam, BJP have paid the price but they will come back, as there is no full stop in politics. Meanwhile elected leaders of Karnataka have to do a lot for the people that have reposed their faith on them

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