Power Drunk Politicians

What is it about Indian politicians, that once they are elected to office, power goes to their head. A politician who asks with folded hands vote, starts to treat common Indians  worse than a vermin. They loot our money, unleash goons on us, criminally intimidate us, all in the belief that law will never catch upto them. There are many such instances, let us start with Mr. Ramcharan Teja.

Recently, it came to light that, Mr. Ramcharan Teja, son of Chiranjeevi, was involved in a street brawl in Hyderabad. All because another car did not give way to Mr. Teja’s vehicle. Teja was going to have lunch with his wife. So he must be in an important business. Enraged Mr. Teja, unleashed his security guards on these people.  

By the way, Mr. Teja is not entitled to have any security at taxpayers expense.  His father does, for perceived threat. So wonderful, politicians use our money to hire goons to beat us! Well done Mr Teja and Mr Chiranjeevi. Now Mr Chiranjeevi wants a say in hiring police personnel and Police commissioner in Hyderabad. 

It is a crime to give protection to politicians who have little threat perception and many of whom are criminals themselves. However, it is ironical that these guys use taxpayers money to maintain a retinue of security officers, and use the same people to beat us the taxpayers. I think we must congratulate Mr Chiranjeevi. He is a fit candidate even for chief ministership of Andhra Pradesh. Like Pawan Bansal, Suresh Kalmadi, Ashok Chavan, Vilas Rao Deshmukh, Ajit Pawar, Robert Vadra, he also considers national property to be his family property. We are loyal servants of our political masters. Like every master, politicians are entitled to kick us once in a while.

.Ringmaster’s Reckoning : The Caravan Journal of Politics and Culture

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