We Live in Violent Times

We live in very turbulent and violent times. People thought with end of world war II and with end of cold war between the US and USSR, world will be a haven of peace. However, that has not happened. We have seen violence everywhere and almost on a daily basis. We have seen people with certain ideology and beliefs, try to influence others, try to suppress women. We have seen nations attack another nation in the name of liberty and freedom. People opposing invasion  of foreign troops wage guerrila warfare. Ideological battle is ongoing between ultra left, right and centrist forces in the form of violent armed struggle all over the world..

In last twenty four hours, however, I have seen two television visuals that have disturbed me profoundly. Firstly, I saw a video footage of two men who apparently had killed a British soldier in London. They allegedly rammed him with car, killed him using knife and many claimed beheaded him. These people waged war on England in the name of Allah. The attackers did not run away. They tried to attack security forces, and were shot.

These two people also threatened to wage war against England. According to news sources, these men were from Nigeria. One of the men, one in the picture subscribes to extremist Islam. The men kept on saying that men and women are killed in their land. But, Nigeria has ethnic violence between Christians and Muslim tribals. Nigeria has no foreign occupation! Are these people then refering to invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? Why black Nigerians are fighting the cause of Afghan and Iraqi’s? Are they trying to spread pan islamic ideology? 
Personally, I think invasion of Afghanistan was necessary. Taliban was running amock in Afghanistan. Taliban wanted to enforce radical sunni version of Islam. One Indian airplane was hijacked and taken to Kandhar. India had too exchange prisoners for the plane and passengers. The prisoners were welcomed by Taliban minister. To me Taliban was a rogue  government. Western troop came as a blessing of god. However, it is unfortunate that Afghanistan is not suitable for regular war. Forces have to fight with hands tied to prevent civilain casualty. It is unfortunate that escalating cost of war and human casualty will lead to withdrawl of Western forces. 
Coming back to Woolwich killing, if Nigerians were fighting the battle of and for Islam, why are they in England? From the accent, it appeared that one of the assailants had spent considerable time in England to acquire the particular style of speech. After staying in England for such long time, enjoying the benefits that are on offer, irrespective of race or religion, why attack British soldier/s? What if this victim was not a soldier but a clerk working the barrack? Would the killers apologise to the family? What good would such an apology be?

 Many Islamic countries, most famously middle Eastern oil rich countries, enforce Islamic law on non muslims. If Islamic law is so acceptable, then people should live in these countries. Why move to a secular democracy like England? people, if so unhappy, must go back to homeland where they can fight for their cause. The attackers of British soldier, did not run away. They were shot trying to attack security force. It is possible that these people wanted to be martyr of Islam. It is becoming a pattern among jihadists to desecretate the body of infidels by beheading. The British soldier in London was beheaded. Two Indian solidiers in Jammu and Kashmir were beheaded. Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter was beheaded. The trend continues.
Instances of extremism and violence is increasing. Recent past witnessed an Algerian immigrant to France, shot and killed many jews. Do these fanatics realise how much danger they are putting common muslims and other immigrants that look like them, in case there is a backlash? Believe me, if such activities continue one day there will be retaliation. 
Second disturbing footage was seen in Lucknow, state capital of India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh. It was seen that two police constables, on peripheral security duty to sanitise route of Chief Minister’s motorcade, ended of fighting with each other.


As is evident from the video footage, these are no junior recruits. Why these two officers started hitting each other in full public view remains a mystery. However, question is if police treats a fellow officer in this manner, what hope a common citizen expect from such force? We here criminal police nexus. We know police men are controlled by politicians. We hear, police men pay bribe to get a constables job. These people beat up common people inside and outside jail at the behest of political masters and at the signal of highest bidder. This is for the first time we are seeing that how cruel, violent and indisciplined police can be in full public view.
Both Woolwich murder and Lucknow violence are disturbing. Because it has repurcussion on the life of common public. It creates a sense of insecuity and terror. May be that was the exact purpose of Woolwich murder. Still common people like us will always think it could have been me. People like us will also think should I go to police with the hope of solving my problem? May be not.

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