Nitish Kumar, an Oppurtunist or a Pragmatist

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Seat of power in India resides in Delhi. Path to throne is treacherous and often bloody. Every thing is fair to capture power. Historically, here everyone is for his ownself. Son kills father, brother betrays brother, friend turns on friend, all to remain in power, to remain relevant. BJP led NDA realised this when Janata Dal United (JDU), a partner of NDA for seventeen years,  led by Nitish Kumar, decided to part company with NDA. This decision effectively delivered a body blow to NDA’s chances of coming to power in next general election, which is barely a year away. Mr. Nitish Kumar declared that Narendra Modi, much anticipated but  yet undeclared candidate for the post of prime minister from BJP, was not secular and not an inclusive leader. Mr Kumar also challenged growth model of Gujarat to be a failure. 

It is difficult to fathom the reasoning behind Nitishji’s withdrawl from NDA. Did he nurture prime ministerial ambition? Did Nitish kumar realize instinctively that NDA cannot come to power in 2014. With a view to remain relevant post 2014 general election, Nitishji created two options for himself. He may have a say in government formation by supporting UPA, directly or indirectly, or by forming Eastern block with Trinamool Congress, Biju Janta Dal, and other like minded parties. Block may not come to power on its own, but may have a say in government formation.
India needs to decide what does she wants. Is it a firm no nonsense government that actually governs and tries to deliver, or a government hides her ineptitude in the name of inclusive growth. Day in and day out, we see rules being flouted with impunity, those in the proximity of power getting away with murder, yet when we demand action against the corrupt, we are shown the book. Congress has ruled for more than 60 years in this country. They had ample oppurtunity to bring in a lot of systemic changes. Because, congress did not do her job, we see the state of affairs in India. Democracy does not mean inefficiency, corruption and misrule. 

It is written that Modi style of functioning may not succeed outside Gujarat. it is also said that only select few people namely corporates and middle class want Modi style of government. It is being deliberately projected that inefficiency that is ingrained in Indian system, corruption that is routine of the day are actually good. In the name of inclusive growth, if some one is snatching a poor man’s ration, his job, his livlihood we should not criticise.  Time has come for us to decide, do we continue in our lackadaisical manner, where no one cares a fig about country, or we try new idea and new process.

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