Intuitive Mind, A Friend or Foe

  Intuition is a strange feeling. It has a way of predicting outcome of events that has not actually happened. Inspite of best preparation, on occasions we feel things are not going to go well. At other times we feel an air of cool confidence. I do not know. Is this intuition or gut feeling?... Continue Reading →

New Delhi Railway Station, World Class!

India is a country, where taxpayers do not have much say on how their tax money is being spent. Our tax is forcefully deducted from our salary at the end of every month. Our political leaders and bureaucrats do not assume that they should be accountable to us common public about amenities and conveniences they... Continue Reading →

Education Must Stimulate Original Thinking

Education system in India has become a epicentre of rote learning. Everything that can go wrong with our education system has gone wrong. Students do not ask critical questions. Teachers do not teach how to think. Cutoff limits in centres of higher learning starts and ends at 100%. Students score hundred percent even in literature.... Continue Reading →

Empowerment is Key to Upliftment

I am writing about the You Tube video presentation of Ms. Mittal Patel as part of Idea Caravan Endevor sponsored by  Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012. Ms. Patel was talking on topic "Plight of Nomadic and Denotified Tribes". It is unfortunate that even after 65 years of independence, these people do... Continue Reading →

Romance, That Incredible Emotion

Once in a while in our life times, everyone may have had an occassion to  experience an overwhelming feeling of romance. An indescribable feeling where happiness is blended with thrill, satisfaction and a sense of achievement. A butterfly in our stomach represents thrill and anticipation, and a sensation in our heart represents confidence and success.... Continue Reading →

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