Romance, That Incredible Emotion

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Once in a while in our life times, everyone may have had an occassion to  experience an overwhelming feeling of romance. An indescribable feeling where happiness is blended with thrill, satisfaction and a sense of achievement. A butterfly in our stomach represents thrill and anticipation, and a sensation in our heart represents confidence and success. Such a feeling is associated with any maiden venture that appears unattainable, yet we desperately desire to attain.
Climbers who love mountain, quiver at the thought of conquering a peak. Stage performers get a rush at the prospect of a cracking act in the presence of an appreciating audience. Remember the heady anticipation the first time a boy is acknowledged by a girl with a smile, and butterflies in the stomach at the thought of first date with first crush.
Romance, beautiful as it may be, is transitory. Romance between people, romance for achievements tends to fade with time. May be old age, may be familiarity and proximity takes sheen out of romance. Once in a while, though, some external events may cause an explosion in an individual. When world appears so beautiful, you only wish you could melt away in distant horizon holding hand of someone you love.
Recently, I was transported to a world of romance after listening to a song. The song was a duet sung by Arijit Singh, the original play back singer of the song for movie Aashqui 2, and Debanjana  Karmakar, a contestant in Indian IdoL Junior. Such a beautiful chemistry, such a beautiful voice, that I got goose bumps. I felt world is all beautiful, there is not hate, no sorrow, only love. Incredible!
Listen to this recorded video, what an incredible feeling of romance.


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