Education Must Stimulate Original Thinking

Education system in India has become a epicentre of rote learning. Everything that can go wrong with our education system has gone wrong. Students do not ask critical questions. Teachers do not teach how to think. Cutoff limits in centres of higher learning starts and ends at 100%. Students score hundred percent even in literature.
In this context Angad Nadkarni hits the nail on the head when he said education system must stimulate students to think. Angad is a hacker. He has created an APP called Examify. The whole effort represents an enterpreneural spirit an ability to solve complex problems, along with a “Can do” attitude.
Stature of a nation depends on quality of thinkers it produces. India has many problems. Employing her predominantly young population is a daunting task for countries policy makers. Unemployment problem of India cannot be solved by public sector. Even private sector cannot absorb all the aspiring candidates. Self employment and enterpreneural skills are very important to inculcate in our education system. Individual or groups of individuals, that are free thinkers, should take up problems related to multitude of problems facing India, and move on to solve them. Then, and only then, India can be called a superpower.
Another important aspect of Angad’s presentation is ability to see pattern in regular events. Such skills can be used to tap environmental pattern, rain fall, climate change etc. Right prediction may help our farmers in sowing seeds at right time when it may likely to rain.
Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

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