Narendra Modi & the Art of Straight Talk

A storm in the teacup was created as a result of an interview of Shri Narendra Modi given to Reuters. In the interview, when asked if  Narendra Modi felt any sadness for Gujarat riots. Mr. Modi responded, if one feels saddened if a puppy, read “Kutte ka Baccha” in Hindi, is crushed under ones wheel, we are talking about loss of human lives in riot. As a human being, whether one is chief minister or not, one feels bad. Without looking at the essence of interview, it became an important news that Narendra Modi, a Hindu chauvanist, has compared muslims puppy. If one reads the interview, this conclusion one can arrive only if the person is stretching his imagination too far, literally way too far. The statement of Narendra Modi on “Kutte ke Bacche” is no way a reference to Muslims. It is an allusion to a situation where if someone feels sad about inadvertent death of a puppy, why would he not feel bad about loss of human lives. 

Mr. Modi was also asked if he was a Hindu Nationalist. Mr. Modi responded, he is a Hindu by birth. He loves his nation as a patriot. So he can be called a Hindu Nationalist. This statement was twisted to claim Mr. Modi is coming out as a communal person who is pro Hindu. However, Mr. Modi has given several positive speeches. One was addressed to students of Fergusson college Pune. However, no one discusses this speech of Mr. Modi or the one given to students of Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi.

Admittedly, Mr. Modi should have been adviced to use milder analogy, given the surcharged political atmosphere.  It appears that BJP is suffering from foot in mouth disease. If they have a deeper strategy, that is yet to unravel.
From the all out criticism of statements that have been twisted and turned on their head by congress, her allies and other parties indicate how much they worry about Narendra Modi. Is it his plainspeak of real issues that reaches audience like an arrow? Is it his no nonsense attitude like “Khaounga bhi nahi aur khane bhi nahi doonga”, I shall not be bribed, I shall not let others accept bribe, shakes up our regular politicians. After all, if you do not steal a few hundred crores of public money, why join politics. Since independence such mollycoddling of corrupt and corruption is going on in the name of people, in the name of coalition politics, in the name of governance.
Congress spin doctors have been trying to link Muslims to the statement, with the hope, may be realistic hope, that muslims will vote for Congress. It is important to note that muslims have understood the game plan of their secular backers. In last sixty years or more, plight of muslims have not improved with numerous doles and reservations. Ideally, people from minority community and backward castes should have become most powerful if the idea of reservation, free food, etc is taken at face value. However, one must see through the game plan. It is one thing to announce a program and other to make it successful. It is time muslims understood this and vote for party that creates a system that is uniform for all Indians and gives equal oppurtunity to grow. 
It is not at all surprising that anti Modi sensational news are appearing before election. Some handed over to oponents by BJP spin doctors, others by adroit manipulation of state machinery and NGOs by congress. It is certain, congress have a better strategy to divert attention from poor governance, corruption, inflation and sagging economy , compared to BJP.

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