Time To Look At Our Political System

Another independence day is round the corner. India has been practicing democracy for a good part of her 65 years of existence. India changes government at regular interval. There exists an independent body to oversee free and fair election. Question, however, remains is voting alone is a sign of a matured democracy? I think, democratic principles may have taken root in India, as a nation we are far behind compared to any matured democracy. My benchmark here is United Kingdom, United States, Canada and European countries.
We routinely choose our leaders. We have limited choice about whom we sent to parliament and state assemblies. Many of our representatives have criminal backgrounds. We choose them either out of fear or out of lack of alternative. Our electoral system recognizes party with maximum number of seats overall and allows it to govern India. In order to put our favored party to get large number of seats, we may be forced to choose a history sheeter to represent us.
It has not dawned upon majority of us that in a democratic system, our leaders actually represent us. Once elected, our leaders behave like arrogant despots and treat us people with contempt. Our leaders are least interested in delivering anything other than promising subsidized food and reservation in education and job. Subsidized food is sold in black market by politically well connected people. Reservation in education and job are given with an eye to vote bank politics. Many such promises are not implementable.
Our leaders do not talk about creating infrastructure that would facilitate movement of people. Our politicians do not talk about creating educational institutes that can train and educate our students. There is no effort to create a system that encourages ability of our students to compete without caste creed and religion. Our leaders do not want to encourage a system that give financial assistance to students rather than giving them reservation. No effort is made to create a system where students become leaders and enterpreneurs that create job rather than beg for jobs.
Our leaders have understood weakness of our system very well. That is why they work without fear. Our leaders can transfer upright and honest officer like Ashok Khemka 40 times in a career spanning 20 years. Our leaders have become brazen enough to suspend honest administrative in the name of democracy. Leaders have acquired audacity to suspend efficient police officers from their post. Some facilitate embezzlement of public fund in the name of creating unusable and/or non existent public property. Some leaders create draught, by diverting drinking water from common Indians, to favor their friends in sugar industry. A few other leaders incite communal violence to protect their sand mafia friend.
It is time we Indians wake up. Let Durga Shakti and Ashok Khemka be our symbol. Like mother Durga took on and destroyed Mahisashura, who was making unbearable common peoples lives and being, Durga Shakti Nagpal took on Samaj wadi Party government and sand mafia in Uttar Pradesh.
This independence day, let us pray for more Ashok Khemkas, more Durga Shakti Nagpals who will discharge their administrative duties without fear or favor. Let us pray for more educated people with commitment, desire and vision join our political parties and take India forward.

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