How Does India Deal with Pakistan?

Last week, Indian media space was abuzz with a statement that was apparently made by Prime Minister of Pakistan at a breakfast meeting with journalists in New York. The statement, which was supposed to be off the record, was revealed by a Pakistani journalist that Indian prime minister was described as “Dehati Woman” by his... Continue Reading →

Whose Idea of India, Anyway!

A few days before, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi was declared the prime ministerial candidate of BJP led NDA. I heard on television, intellectuals thinkers, analysts and opinion makers proclaiming how Modi does not represent their idea of India. Similar thoughts have been echoed by nobel laureate Prof. Amartya Sen, best selling author Amitabh Ghosh,... Continue Reading →

Asaram Bapu and Gurukul Tradition

What an irony of fate! The day when the juvenile justice board announced its verdict on the infamous Nirbhaya assault case, another high profile case stormed the headlines. This time, the accused was not someone from the underprivileged section of the society, but a famous and popular man of religion - Asaram Bapu. This made... Continue Reading →

Hinduism, Asaram Bapu and the Rule of Law

  The day court pronounced justice on juvenile accused in Nirbhaya case, another news was making headline. This one involved rape of another juvenile, this time 16 year old, by a popular saintly figure, Sant Asaram Bapu. When the news surfaced, supporters of Asaram bapu beat up television and news reporters outside his Ashram. Never... Continue Reading →

India Failed Nirbhaya

One morning in December of 2012, I read a clipping in my morning newspaper that turned my world upside down. A girl went out with her friend to watch a movie and never returned. She was found struggling for her life by the roadside, stripped naked, raped, and disemboweled. Like most middle class people, my initial... Continue Reading →

Juvenile Law Needs Reform

First verdict in brutal rape and assault case of Nirbhaya has come out nine months after the incidence. The juvenile justice board had found the juvenile accused guilty of most of the charges slapped by police. However, despite being one of the most brutal, the juvenile got only three years in a reformatory minus the... Continue Reading →

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