Invoke Mother in Our Lives

Autumn is a season of festivities. Navratras, Durga Puja, Deepavali, and many other religious festivals based on diverse faith and belief system of communities come one after another.

My religious tradition takes me to Durga Puja. As I bow down in front of the deity, I worship as mother. The object of my worship is not a timid and docile mother. Rather, my goddess is a multitasker with ten arms. She bears weapons in her arms, she rides lion, slays demon and in general exudes power. In this form mother Durga killed Mahisasura when invoked by tormented devas. I look around I see the dichotomy. Nirbhayas are still raped and brutalized in the form of bride burning, dowry death,  human trafficking femal foeticide and so on. How do we invoke mother in our lives?

Swami Vivekananda propagated strength alone can wipe out weakness and cowardice.  Gandhiji has shown that a lifestyle of truth and nonviolence can help us conquer our inner and outer demons. However, some demons understand the language of force alone. If all else fails, we must not be averse to use of force. In a democratic society only government is allowed to use force, we need effective governance at all levels to rid us of evils afflicting our society.

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