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“A healthy mind lives only in a healthy body” goes the saying. For a normal healthy body to function body’s internal system has to occur properly. A pillar of internal system is our immune system. Immune system protects our body from invasion of bacteria and micro-organisms.
 Avinash moved to a FMCG company in Delhi as regional sales director. He had greater responsibility and better pay package. In first month of his job, Avinash realized he was under pressure to deliver. He would get out by 7.30 am each morning, to beat the traffic. He reached home not before 8 pm in the evening tired and depleted of energy. He would bring work home and work weekends. Although Avinash felt guilty for neglecting his family, he had no choice but to work like a man possessed.
 Avilasha, Avinash’s wife was both unhappy and worried. Her husband did not have time for family. He was persistently under pressure and looked tired. Lack of exercise was making him to gain weight. He was irritated and complained of headache. Avilasha also noticed that Avinash was catching cold very often. Avilasha dragged Avinash to a general physician one Sunday morning. Dr. Sarin heard Avinash out, and him to adviced Avinash to try Dabur’s Chyawan Prash coupled with some pxhysical exercise.
 Dr. Sarin explained that working in a pressure cooker like situation at his work place, his own expectation to do excel, coupled with a sense of guilt were playing havoc with Avinash’s immune system. As a result, Avinash felt tired, caught cold more often and generally felt exhausted. If immune system remained weak, then in long run Avinash may fall ill gravely. Regular allopathic medicines will not address they symptom without addressing the actual cause of the disease.
Chyawan Prash is a mixture of multitude of herbal extracts. This knowledge was gathered over thousands of years of experience of many practitioners of Ayurveda. Active ingredients of many herbs act to strengthen immune system of a person from inside and try to ward of attack by external and internal threats.
Avinash went back to Dr. Sarin after a month. He was feeling much better. His tiredness, constant headache and general irritability was not there. Although work pressure was still there. Avinash was able handle his professional responsibilities much better. Avinash decided to send a thank you e-mail to Dabur at the following address:
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