Be(ard) or No(t) to Be(ard)

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This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

Samar used to be a happy go lucky person. Naturally well built and athletic he was well liked by his friends. Samar participated in activities like theatre during his college days. During one such activity, Samar he had to sport a stubble to suit his part. His friends, especially female friends, liked his look and declared Samar resembled Geroge Clooney.


Sameera was also one of many admirer of Samar’s looks. With time a something deeper developed between Samar and Sameera. With deepening relationship, it became important their families also thought good about them. First shock Sameera received from her mom. Mother declared she does not trust men with stubble, because she cannot read facial expressions. How can she accept her would be son in law, if she cannot trust him. Also, a man with stubble appears lazy. If ha cannot take care of himself, how can he care about  her daughter? What will all relations think, when groom comes in social occasions unshaven?
Sameera was in dilemma. One side was her love and on the other family and society. Biting the bullet, one day Sameera tried to reason with Samar about bad points of having a stubble. She explained her mothers reservations, she also explained potential of getting infection on face and how a salt and pepper beard will look on Sameer with age. Sameer listened patiently. He loved Sameera more than his stubble and did not want to lose her. They lived happily therafter.


So all ladies reason with your man to give up their stubbles. Better sense will prevail. Men, your girl is more important than you stubble. Lose it.
This is my first post for (P.A.S.S.). I was tagged by Maniparna Sengupta Majumdar

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