Day of the Jackal

In Pench National Park, a Jackal is busy extricating last bit of meal out of a dear limb. It was so engrossed that it did not care presence of people nearby, clicking away.

They Are Not Like Us

"They are not like us", claimed honorable law minister of Delhi as he lead his supporters to stop, search, and raid vehicle and flat of women from Uganda on charges of being a prostitute and drug peddler. Mob that consisted of aggrieved locals and supporters of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) forced these women to give... Continue Reading →

Pack of Wild Dogs in Pench

We saw this pack of wild dogs. This pack had five dogs. The pack can have as many as forty members.   These dogs have very characteristic bushy tail. The pack attacks deers and feed on them. They can also attack tigers, if numerical strength is sufficient. They do not come close to humans, like... Continue Reading →

Tiger at Pench

At Pench National Park, moving in a jeep on Jungle Safari enjoying chirping of bird, fooling around of langoors, spotted deers chewing on grass. All of a sudden, everything stopped. One spotted deer barked, langoors went up on tree top and started making strange noise. Then we saw the king trying to cross the road.... Continue Reading →

Times We Live In : Duty vs. Desire

I once saw a movie. An idealistic hero was failing to cope with modern day realities. In one scene he hears from his brother, that during a test match at Eden Gardens Calcutta, a stand collapsed and six people lost their lives. On the same day one of the players scored a brilliant century. Incredulous,... Continue Reading →

AAP, the Emerging Alternative in Indian Politics

India witnessed a revolution today - silent revolution, bloodless revolution, people's revolution. Our party, people's party, AAM AADMI Party won the vote of confidence today in Delhi assembly. Let us hope and pray, AAP succeed. AAP is new hope, new alternative people are looking for. For last five years India was almost leaderless and rudderless.... Continue Reading →

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