AAP, the Emerging Alternative in Indian Politics

India witnessed a revolution today – silent revolution, bloodless revolution, people’s revolution. Our party, people’s party, AAM AADMI Party won the vote of confidence today in Delhi assembly. Let us hope and pray, AAP succeed. AAP is new hope, new alternative people are looking for.

For last five years India was almost leaderless and rudderless. UPA II government, lead by Dr. Man Mohan Singh as prime minister of India, failed to show any leadership. India faced a series of major scams one after another. Politicians remained quiet and allowed national and natural resource of country, public resource were allowed to be looted for personal gain. India wanted a strong leader. India needed a leader that is all encompassing and inclusive. A party that takes everyone along – Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Dalits, Tribals, Rich, Poor, Tamilian and Kashmiris, Nagas and Gujratis.

Who can be such leader. Many had projected Narendra Modi of BJP as such leader. Modi has an impressive track record for leading Gujarat state from the front. He has been chief minister for three consecutive terms. During his leadership, Gujarat has shown growth that is higher than national average. Yet Modi has many critics. During his leadership, Gujarat has seen one of the worst communal violence. Many claim, Modi has the baggage of an ideology that is ultra right and anti-minority. Due to this reason, many political parties are wary of forming a political alliance with Modi lead BJP. For Modi to lead NDA as prime ministerial candidate and come to power in Delhi, Hindu majority of India has to vote en mass in favor of BJP. Unless BJP gets close to 220 – 250 votes and NDA gets close to 300 votes, Modi will have less and less acceptable to potential alliance partners. However, such a scenario may appear a long shot. More likely scenario, is a rag tag coalition supported by Congress party may come to power. The formation will have weak leadership by choice and will be at the mercy of congress party till next election.

In this scenario, emerged Arvind Kejriwal lead Aam Aadmi Party. Arvind Kejriwal is the inclusive leader that India is looking for. Arvind Kejriwal has demonstrated his will power during his agitation for Lok Pal agitation, during fighting Delhi election against all odds without muscle and limited money. Arvind Kejriwal has shown his asset and strength in the form of honesty and integrity.

AAP is emerging as a movement not as a party. It is a bottom up organic movement. AAP welcomes all Indians, irrespective of caste, creed, religious or economic status. AAP stands for movement of change. Change from dishonesty, from nepotism, from self perpetuation, all pervasive hankering for position and status.   Arvind Kejriwal and his team of ministers have so far lived by AAP philosopy. They have refused security, bungalows and red beaconed vehicles all such all pervasive symbols of arrival of a successful politician.

Many people have claimed removing corruption alone may not be enough. There are other governance issue. I agree. But I also believe, that there is a vicious cycle between corruption – misgovernance – inefficiency – nepotism etc. One needs to break the cycle. If that point is honesty, so be it. If we have honesty at the top, rest of the problems will fall in place. In the end, for India to be strong, India to be clean, for India to be healthy, we need basic honesty. AAP is addressing that problem from the very begining.

Whether AAP will succeed or not that only time will tell. For the time being, AAP is setting new trend in Indian politics. First win election with limited money and no muscle. Field candidates with honest background. Join politics to serve nation and join politics with an intent to serve.A new dawn is coming on India, we must welcome with open arms.



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