Election 2014 : Two Dominant Ideas

Election is underway in India. It is a battle for India, like the great battle of Mahabharata. In this battle of ideas, to get voter’s attention two ideologies are in action. One ideology promises giving a helping hand to under-privileged in the form of free / subsidised food, education, healthcare etc. The second ideology promotes creation of infrastructures so that people can stand up on their own  feet and help themselves. Best part of this election is people are discussing issues like development, corruption etc. Although old timers are trying to change the agenda towards caste, community and religion.

For last sixty years, or major part of it, India has practiced politics of giving dole. Look at our situation. All services government provides be it transportation, be it education, be in food supply, be it healthcare, be it sanitation are in a terrible state. These epitomise shoddy workmanship, poor planning and unimaginitive implementation. Our cities remain disorganised, dirty, and mostly unruly. Our villages are filthy, there is not much concept of sanitation, open defecation is a norm. We defend our mess by claiming we are a democracy. There has never been a great initiative to clean up our mess. Because government employees are certain that whether they do their job or not, they will never be fired.

This election, it is time we give second ideology a chance. Let India create good infrastructure, so that people in general can take advantage of opportunities. As more and more people move into mainstream, they will get exposed to new ideas. In the process their behaviour towards sanitation, hygiene etc will change. I am not saying we should not help under privileged. If government generates more revenue by encouraging development, then there will be more money to help more people more effectively.

Tags: General Election, Socialism, Government, Service

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