Baghvan Taj Safary Part II

The main purpose of our visit to Baghvan was to participate in jungle safary and hopefully get a tiger sighting. Our earlier visit to Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan was not fulfilling from the perspective of seeing a tiger.  We went five times in the jungle, without sighting a tiger. Disappointment was multiplied because party... Continue Reading →

AAP : A Tale of Lost Opportunity

It appears that AAP that came into picture with so much hope and hype is fast fading away. Arvind Kejriwal represented common man's grouse with the system caught public imagination. Without muscle and money power, AAP fought election, won seats and ruled Delhi. Instead of mastering the art of governance, AAP hastily resigned and fought... Continue Reading →

When Life Bowls a Doosra

We have been trained from childhood that our lifes goal is to get best education, earn best salary, get married to the most beautiful man/woman, have kids and continue with the cycle. We deal with our lives as if we are going to be here forever. We are never trained to deal with break in... Continue Reading →

Narendra Modi Era has Dawned on India

Election results are out. As expected by many exit polls, opinion polls, BJP lead NDA has achieved unprecedented success. This election has created many firsts. Mr. Narendra Modi, prime ministerial candidate of BJP lead NDA, has won by record margin of close to 6 lac vote. This election is the first in post independence India,... Continue Reading →

Socialist Congress and Fascist Modi

I was listening to P Chidambaram our finance minister on TV. Chidambaram was actually angry with Narendra Modi making promises to voters that he will improve their lives. Chidamabaram was aghast how could Modi make such a promise. These are unattainable. It is surprising that after ruling India for better part post independence, Congress have... Continue Reading →

Credit Goes to One that Shows the Way

Points of reference this election has definitely changed. From usual issues like caste, religion, community etc., people all across India are discussing development. Efforts are on to rake up issues like secularism, safety of minorities etc. Especially, by people who are mired in corruption. By those who cannot think other than dividing Indians along caste... Continue Reading →

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