Credit Goes to One that Shows the Way

Points of reference this election has definitely changed. From usual issues like caste, religion, community etc., people all across India are discussing development. Efforts are on to rake up issues like secularism, safety of minorities etc. Especially, by people who are mired in corruption. By those who cannot think other than dividing Indians along caste and communal lines. People are returning to India after more than a decade to caste their vote. Only intention being stop Narendra Modi from becoming prime minister. 
In this context, I was listening to an interview given by Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav to NDTV. Mr. Yadav claimed grandiosely that no political party is against development. Battle, however, remains how to stop Narendra Modi and his fascist party. Question comes what development Laluji had brought about in Bihar during his long tenure as chief minister? What development Laluji had brought about in Indian railways during his tenure as rail minister? Actually, Laluji is famous for claiming that development does not fetch vote, caste equations actually are more important to win elections.
In this context I am reminded of a story that I read during my school days. Emperor of Spain once asked nobles in his court if any one of them could put a boiled egg inside a narrow mouthed bottle without breaking the egg. All nobles tried different tricks but they failed. Finally. Christopher Columbus stood up. He put some spirit at the bottom of the bottle. He set the spirit on fire. Next he put the egg on the mouth of the bottle and gently exerted pressure. Lo and behold, egg slipped into the bottle. Emperor was pleased. He applauded and rewarded ingenuity of Columbus. Jealous and exasperated nobels said this was easy. Anyone of us could have done this. Columbus replied, yes gentlemen, all of you could have done this. But credit must go to the person who shows the way.
Today, Laluji along with all other opportunists may claim they also support development. Most of the credit for this change in perspective of voters has to be attributed to Narendra Modi and BJP. Mr. Modi has steadfastly discussed development, or the lack of it, in all his speeches. He has claimed there is only one India. Hindus, muslims and all others are Indians first. Modi has famously said during a bomb blast in his rally in Patna that, poor hindus and poor muslims can fight each other or fight poverty. 

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