Socialist Congress and Fascist Modi

I was listening to P Chidambaram our finance minister on TV. Chidambaram was actually angry with Narendra Modi making promises to voters that he will improve their lives. Chidamabaram was aghast how could Modi make such a promise. These are unattainable. It is surprising that after ruling India for better part post independence, Congress have not got a clue what people want. Congress party wants people to live on dole that they dish out in the name of inclusive growth. There has not been much effort to promote growth that may actually empower people.
Narendra Modi has been criticized for expressing openly that he wants to be prime minister of India. He has said that he wants to remove many administrative bottlenecks that otherwise make lives difficult for common people. A simple example he gave was separating electricity supply connection for general public from industrial users. If such common sense and easy to do approaches may ensue regular electric supply to citizens. Many of our cities and villages do not get regular electricity supply. Imagine how lives of people may change if they get round the clock electricity?
Modi has talked about creating an economy of surplus. So that hoarding and blackmarketeering may become history. We have seen easy availability of mobile telephony has rendered landline phones almost redundant. So has corruption of linemen and technicians who would take consumers for a ride.
It is true Modi has not been able to achieve many things. Neither did congress that had the opportunity to actualise its policy of poverty eradication through government intervention in better parts of 50s, 60s and 70s. We have seen poverty did not go away. Rich and middle class send their family abroad. Vast majority of us had to sustain on government jobs. It was a job on paper that paid only enough for a family to sustain themselves. Our motto was plain living and high thinking. Even this philosophy failed. India went bankrupt and had to deposit her gold in return for international bailout. India opened for a while. Indians saw if they did not have government as a protector, they can do much better. Aspirations grew. Politicians of all hue realized their stranglehold on peoples lives were loosening. So they gangedup on us in the name of secularism. Congress along with motley crew of left, and socialist parties decided to practice politics of dole. They ensured massive food security bill, they ensured compulsory work guarantee bill. Very fine. But congress ignored growth. They stopped investing in infrastructure building, started closing power projects, mining projects, anything that contributed to revenue generation was considered bad. Instread to addressing issue of underlying corruption and malpractice, where many politicians of different hues were involved, congress party decided to stop all growth. Such decisions have long term impact. Three four years after actual decision, impact shows up in common mans lives. People lose jobs. They find it difficult to get rehired. Politicians do not care. They raise their own salary. They drive by our filthy streets, our congested streets on red beaconed cars. Any body dare come close, they may face arrest.
Modi wants to build better roads, better schools, better infrastructure. Modi wants to promote growth so that we can get our jobs and our self respect back. But this is unthinkable for Chidambaram. How can Modi promise such utopia to Indians? This is foolish. Congress did not dare do this in last 60 years. Modi must be a facist for thinking in such unilateral manner.

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