Congress Strategy, Gandhi Aura and Administrative Awe

Two month long Indian general election is going to be over today. In another six days time we shall know which party will form government. Many believe BJP lead NDA may come to power. Given that most political parties have decided to oppose Narendra Modi lead BJP, it may very well be possible a rag – tag coalition government may be propped up at the centre. For this to happen, support of congress party will be essential. Although, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has said he would rather sit in the opposition, it still does not rule out congress cannot provide issue based outside support to government in power. In the name of secularism, all people ambitious to be prime minister will converge under one umbrella. They will barely tolerate each other for a year or two, then the system will collapse or it will be pulled down. Ultimate winner will be congress strategy of bringing all like minded but diverse parties under one umbrella.

Last ten years of UPA rule and this election has revealed a few facts. congress party has great strategists. These people stay behind the scene and regulate congress party’s battle. They have pulled the party lead government from the brink several times. Either using money power or using muscle power of CBI. It also appears that congress spokes people are much more articulate and well rehearsed of their position. Congress rarely antagonise opponents, excepting BJP, in any public forum. Because congress knows in the back of her mind that some day they may have to share power with CPM. SPs, BSPs, TMCs, DMKs, JDUs etc. By contrast, BJP seems to be picking fight with most opposition parties. May be it is also a congress strategy, where it goads other parties to attack BJP.

Four Generations of Gandhi – Nehru Family

I also felt our government and administrative machinery are in awe of Gandhi family, the first family of congress and/or nation. May be their history of free struggle, may be their long years of ruling, may be their aristocratic air, or something intangible, Gandhis are treated differently vis a vis others. Media gushes if Priyanka Gandhi utters any line. Never mind how inane, it gets front page coverage. Nevermind, Priyanka Gandhi does not answer a single question about corruption charge against her husband. The fact that government machinery was used to curry favor and to make money is never discussed or answered.. Innocuous comments by Priyanka Gandhi is treated as battle cry against Modi and BJP. Rahul Gandhi is treated in a similar awestruck manner. Rahul Gandhi goes around voting machines, in the presence of a voter, during election time. EC had to be reminded to take action. Never mind, not only no action was taken Mr. Gandhi was actually absolved of any wrong doing. Question arises what was Mr. Gandhi inspecting inside a polling booth. He is not a competent person to inspect voting machine. Yet election commission did not think it was a violation of rules. By contrast, Modi takes a selfie outside polling booth, he is booked for violating model conduct during election.

Rahul Gandhi Inspecting Voting Machine in the Presence of Voter

Mr Modi was denied permission to hold a pre-poll rally in Benares. BJP had applied for and received permission. However, persmission was cancelled. Although a day later Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav, chief minister of UP, were allowed to hold their rally in the same city.  I am not sure, if refusing permission to hold BJP and Modi a rally in Benares was  a political decision or that of an honest and upright officer based on perceived threat perception. I would not be surprised if a phone call can be traced from UP chief ministers office to district administration  ordering to deny permission for Modi’s rally. Nothing else can explain the dilly dally and delay in response of the administration. Only time will say if there was interference or not. Evidence points towards that direction. If threat perception was there for Modi, it must be there for Gandhi and Yadav too. Is it not the duty of the state intelligence to protect people under threat by foiling attack? I think Election Commission did the right thing to stand by the district administrator. However, the whole issue needs careful investigation and discussion. Authorities must be seen to be neutral and not tilting toward one party or the other, no matter whatever the aura.

Election Commission Defending Modi Rally Permission Denial

BJP was right in protesting a very apparent and successful effort to scuttle their plan. Protest by BJP has been predictably criticised by Congress and its potential post poll allies. It is important to note that BJP has fought 99% of election on development plank. Admittedly there has been slips. Mr. Modi has disowned them. But, by denying BJP to hold a rally in Benares, no matter who is behind it, administrators have tried to polarise society along communal lines. All parties that supported the decision, have actually supported communal agenda of administration. It is important to ask what exactly most secular parties have done for upliftment and progression of Indian poor for the time they have been in power other than promoting secular agenda, which is important but implicit.

Finally, in this age of television people can see everything and decide on their own. Gone are the days, when people accepted sycophancy and biased behavior of administrators. Nowadays, people expect neutrality from administrators and ask question if they do not find administrators doing the right thing.

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