Narendra Modi Era has Dawned on India

Election results are out. As expected by many exit polls, opinion polls, BJP lead NDA has achieved unprecedented success. This election has created many firsts. Mr. Narendra Modi, prime ministerial candidate of BJP lead NDA, has won by record margin of close to 6 lac vote. This election is the first in post independence India, when a non congress party has won absolute majority in national election. For the first time, an Indian born in independent India has won the position of prime minister of India. This election was fought on the plank of positivity of development,growth, jobs and aspirations of people, specially young people. Parties that have been asking vote in the name of caste, religion, and community affiliations, have been decimated. Parties that have tried to focus on past glory have not got any dividend. NDA and BJP under leadership of Modi has relentlessly focused on development and the need for it. Modi has shown pointedly, how he can be relied upon based on his track record of chief minister of Gujarat for 15 years. Attempt has been made to polarise voters along caste and communal lines. May be to some extent by BJP, I would say less than 1% of time. Modi has disowned such statements and attempts. But so called protectors have muslims, have deliberately tried and succeeded in killing hapless muslims to get electoral dividend. Congress led UPA stood mute spectator to such massacre. Apparently, there was a plan to prop up a rag tag coalition ,in case NDA got less than 240 seats, supported by congress to stop Modi from being prime minister. In fact one congress sympathiser was arrested for circulating inflammatory SMS and tweets about possible impending violence by BJP and Modi. Fortunately, the person was arrested. So much for secularism. Power has to be attained if necessary over the bodies of minorities in the name of protecting secularism. Mr. Modi and his team will have onerous task of meeting peoples expectation. India has voted Mr. Modi in the hope of him replicating Gujarat model in rest of India. People will expect him to deliver, may be right from tomorrow. People will expect honest good governance, corruption free governance, creation of job and wealth, good infrastructure, good healthcare, clean drinking water, good education and list goes one. I am sure Mr. Modi will deliver on these counts. However, there is another issue Mr. Modi has to deal with. That is taking 20% of India, that is muslim population along with him. Muslims as a community have a visceral hatered for Modi. May be very effective campaign by secularist parties post Godhra riot, may be lack of effort by Modi and BJP to reach out to Muslims, may be desire to remain true to their faith on the call of their religious leaders, may be all the above factors and more contribute to their thought process. Mr. Modi now that he has come to power has to win trust of Muslims. He has to rein in loonies like Giriraj and Togadia on the face of provocation by likes of Azam Khan, on the face of engineered riots by secular parties. But Muslims are not monoliths. Already a section, albeit a small section, are expressing support to Modi. Muslims also need alternative. Arvind Kejriwal, as much as we may disagree with his certain policies and pronouncements, has been able to touch inner core of a section of Muslims in Varanasi. Modi and BJP has to do just that over a period of time. Modi has to show he is neutral when it comes to implementing rule of law. As I hear Modi speaking extempore on TV, I have a feeling after a long time India has got a leader with vision and intent to serve poor, downtrodden, exploited Indian. I get goosegump that a leader is trying to be inclusive and deserved a chance. Tags: General Election, NDA. BJP, Narendra Modi, Development, Growth, Job, Muslims, Secularism

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