AAP : A Tale of Lost Opportunity

It appears that AAP that came into picture with so much hope and hype is fast fading away. Arvind Kejriwal represented common man’s grouse with the system caught public imagination. Without muscle and money power, AAP fought election, won seats and ruled Delhi. Instead of mastering the art of governance, AAP hastily resigned and fought more than 400 seats in Lok Sabha election. AAP won only four. If AAP had concentrated more on few seats with an aim to win 10 seats, may be they would have been more successful in short term, provided election had thrown a fractured mandate. This election, however, put all strategic calculations in disarray by giving an overwhelming mandate to Narendra Modi lead BJP and NDA.

There is rumor that AAP was adviced to fight 400 seats to stop progression of Narendra Modi lead BJP. There was a meeting that happened between some intermediary of Congress and AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav. There is also rumor that AAP gets funding from Naveen Jindal in the form of cash. Naveen Jindal is not only a big industrialist, he is a congress member of parliament from Kurukshetra, Haryana. Naveen Jindal’s steel company has been embroiled in controversies like illegal coal block allocation, flouting environmental norms etc. All these issues are hot topics in AAP’s dictionary of corruption. Yet , AAP accepts donation in cash from Naveel Jindal! Please watch the following video titled “Inside Happening of AAP”:


Now, Arvind Kejriwal has gone to jail. Arvind called Nitin Gadkari a “chor”. Gadkari sued. Now in court Arvind does not want to furnish bail bond on principle. I do not know what principled stand Arvind is following. It is the law of the land to furnish bail, no matter how innocent a person is, even if he is Arvind Kejriwal. If law is bad, change it. Till the law exists in law book, it has to be applied. If Kejriwal thinks someone is indeed a “chor” he must file a complaint with police. If complaint holds true, then due course of law will be followed. Arvind does not want to follow the law of the land. In that case, Kejriwal should not complain if the person whom Kerjiwal is accusing actually beats him up for calling him name. Then Kejriwal will cry differently that law is being unfair to him.

 Arivind in Jail, at least till 6th of June, 2014, Shazia Ilmi, the fiesty AAP member, apparently has also resigned. It seems AAP is falling apart. It is so important to have proper organisation and policies in any organisation. WIthout them decisions become adhoc and dictatorial. Exactly what is happeing with AAP. It is also important to bite only as much as one can chew. I think AAP has badly misunderstood publich support and their own ability. Another good experiment resulted in failure because of poor execution.

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