Baghvan Taj Safary Part II

The main purpose of our visit to Baghvan was to participate in jungle safary and hopefully get a tiger sighting. Our earlier visit to Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan was not fulfilling from the perspective of seeing a tiger.  We went five times in the jungle, without sighting a tiger. Disappointment was multiplied because party ahead of us were lucky to see a tiger so did another party that was following us.
Resort had allotted a naturalist for us. His name was Gaurav Dhotrey.  Gaurav was from Mumbai. He loved forest. I was somewhat surprised that even in this day and age there are people who prefer jungle over a job in big cities. Gaurav will drive us in eight seater vehicle of Baghvan inside the forest.



At the time of booking our stay at Baghvan, we had booked slot for five safaries.  We impressed and literally implored Gaurav of our desire to see a tiger. Our first journey into jungle was in the afternoon of the day we arrived in Baghvan. In olive green eight seater canter of Baghvan resort we were the only two visitors in addition to Gaurav and the guide.

Guide was allotted by forest department by rotation. In our five trips into the forest, we had five different guides. Shown in the picture our guide for the first safary into Pench National Park. He was our lucky guide.

We were moving slowly along the trail in side the forest. There were langoors jumping around. Spotted deers grazing peacefully. There was a certain language of the forest. All of a sudden everything fell silent. A deer kept on barking intermittently. Langoors stopped playing on the ground and went up the tree. Our guide put his finger on the lip to stop us from talking. He pointed towards the jungle. Our untrained eyes could see nothing. But we could feel a hush has come down on the jungle. Guide drew a trajectory of possible path in the air with his finger. Gaurav move the vehicle forward. There I think I saw the yellow striped tiger behind a rock. It was trying to cross the road. Seeing us and other vehicle, tiger went back where it came from. Gaurav reversed the vehicle and we stood at a point where guide and Gaurav claimed tiger was sitting down. Using my camera I took this picture. We waited almost all our allotted time in the area, tiger did not venture to move. Our guide told us that this tiger is afraid of vehicles and people. That is the most likely reason it has gone back to its original resting place.

This was my first and only glimpse of tiger in its natural habitat. We took four more safaries over next two days but we could never sight one. We, however, were fortunate to see a few other wildlife. More about them next time.

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