India and Japan, Poles Apart

Of late, we are hearing a lot about interest Japan has on India. Japanese prime minister Abe follows prime minister Modi. First high profie visit of Modi will be Tokyo. Japanese want a strategic relationship with India. Japanese want to invest in India. Japanese are builing a global city at Neemrana, Rajasthan. Japanese companies are... Continue Reading →

Menace of Plastic Waste

Growing up in seventies, I was accustomed to see my father go to market with two jute bags. One bag was for carrying the veggies and the other for carrying fish or meat. I used to think why does my father not change his bag? How I hankered after glossy polythene bags. They looked so... Continue Reading →

More Universities Need of the Hour

  According to estimates, India must have 200 million graduates and 500 million skilled people by 2022 to ensure double digit economic growth. India is woefully short of good institutes of higher learning. Number of seats in existing institutes has been further reduced due to affirmative action. As a result students with grades as high as... Continue Reading →

Politics of Intolerance

In his address to joint session of parliament, President Pranab Mukherjee outlined governments intent. Among many things our honorable president mentioned one was zero tolerance towards communal violence and religious intolerance. Yet, we saw on television and read in news papers brutal killing of an innocent muslim youth in Pune. His fault, he looked and... Continue Reading →

Faulty Electoral System and BJP Victory

BJP lead NDA government is settling down in Delhi. People bitterly opposed to BJP have no choice but to accept the resounding verdict. Many people that had gotten used to spoils of election due to fractured mandate have resigned to their fates. No more small parties with less than a tenth of lok sabha strength... Continue Reading →

Baghvan Taj Safary Final

This is the final narrative of our six trips inside the forest. On the final day also we made two trips in the park, one in the morning and the second in the afternoon. We saw a wide variety of wild animals. Pack of wild dogsWe We saw this pack of wild dogs. This pack... Continue Reading →

Baghvan Taj Safary Part III

Our second trip to Pench National Park was in the morning of second day of arrival in the resort. It was a cold January morning. We gathered in the lobby of resort dressed in warm clothing. After a hot coffee, we took of with Gaurav for the park. We had to wait with other visitors... Continue Reading →

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