Baghvan Taj Safary Part III

Our second trip to Pench National Park was in the morning of second day of arrival in the resort. It was a cold January morning. We gathered in the lobby of resort dressed in warm clothing. After a hot coffee, we took of with Gaurav for the park. We had to wait with other visitors for the part gates to open. After collecting our ticket and picking up our guide we entered the park.
Waiting to Enter the Forest



n the chilly morning, things were quiet. We saw a family of Indian bisons at a distance. They were moving away from us. These pictures below were taken from a distance. Bisons are big muscular beasts.
Indian Bison


Ghost Tree

We saw this tree locals call it ghost tree. Because it is white in color, it apparently is visible even in darkness. We saw similar trees in Ranthambhore and Gir too.


Banyan Tree
Breakfast in Pench

We also saw this big banyan tree. Its roots and branches have spreadout and made identity of their own.

An interesting and exciting part of safary in Pench is having breakfast in open. Shown in the picture, Gaurav arranging breakfast that he brought from the resort. There was warm coffee / tea, juice, sandwiches, fruits. It was fulfilling and enjoyable. We saw other operators were also stopping for breakfast. Good thing was everyone was collecting their refuse and taking back out of the park.


Wild Boar
We had a glimpse of this wild boar on the left. It was busy digging for roots. We could see its white tusk like tooth from a distance.
This jackal on the right was busy with his meal. It did not care we were photographing him from close by. We were on our way out for lunch in the resort. We came back again in the afternoon and twice in the next day.
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