Baghvan Taj Safary Final

This is the final narrative of our six trips inside the forest. On the final day also we made two trips in the park, one in the morning and the second in the afternoon. We saw a wide variety of wild animals.

Pack of wild dogsWe

We saw this pack of wild dogs. This pack had five to six animals. We heard that pack can be as large of forty. In sufficient number, wild dogs can attack tigers.


A langoor (left) relaxing at the base of a tree. While, a rhesus monkey (below) thinking of its next move.

Rhesus Monkey
Spotted Deer

A spotted deer (top left) grazing for food. There are nearly forty thousand spotted deers in the Pench. By comparison, there are probably ten tigers and may be 50 leopards. Spotted deers are considered to be poultry of Pench. 
Also seen on bottom right, is a Sambhar deer. These were not as ubiquitous as spotted deers.

Sambhar Deer


A Fork Tailed Drongo
A Hawk??

After a look at the gates of reserve forest one final time, we went back to resort. Next afternoon we went back to Nagpur and then on to Delhi.

Tags: Pench, Langoor in Pench, Rhesus Monkey in Pench, Spotted Deer in Pench, Sambhar Deer in Pench, Fish Tailed Drango, Hawk

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