Faulty Electoral System and BJP Victory

BJP lead NDA government is settling down in Delhi. People bitterly opposed to BJP have no choice but to accept the resounding verdict. Many people that had gotten used to spoils of election due to fractured mandate have resigned to their fates. No more small parties with less than a tenth of lok sabha strength can blackmail centre in the name of safeguarding secularism in India. No longer central government need for survival help of  corrupt leaders with dubious background,  leaders without any vision of India beyond their caste, community and state. Centre need not tremble at the mutterings from distant state capitals by blatantly regressive and misogynist leaders who ran their state like family fiefdom. Yet previous government embraced them to survive and protect Indian secularism. So much so,  self appointed protectorate of secularim had proclaimed it is their god given duty to topple a BJP lead government, in case it came to power. People have have given a resounding response to such arrogance.

New game, however, has started.  Intellectuals have started doubting BJP’s mandate. In an article published in Hindustan Times, Harsh Mander lamented how upwardly mobile, plastic loving, EMI following Indians have put in place a right wing government that is going to spell disaster for the poor, underprivileged, dispossesed and minorities. Mr. Mander went on to say how minorities are under fear because of BJP win. Mr. Mander went on to recommend an electoral reform, because BJP had got only one out of every three votes cast. The present electoral practice has been in vogue since independence. It is a common sense if four people competing for five votes, then one that gets two votes first becomes a winner. If all other people unite to form one block, then they consolidate their votes and defeat the first person.  In fifties, sixties, seventies, and even in eighties congress has won elections with huge margins. Never we heard any complaint of faulty electoral system. We have seen whenever opposition parites had united, they had defeated the main contender. If all parties like congress, samajwadi party, bahujan samaj party, their selfish motive, and their desire to get the bigger share of electoral pie, then it is not BJPs fault.
If we assume by conservative estimate India has 300 million people that may be considered upwardly mobile, 600 million that are desperately poor and 100 million minority muslim community. Many people from minority community may also come under 600 million poor. Definitly not all of upwardly mobile camp voted for BJP. Can any party get a majority of its own without all sections of society supporting it? If one removes congress, AAP, left supporters, samajwadis, bahujansamajis, then you have to accept many dispossessed people and minorities may have voted for BJP to get good governance, good infrastructure and betterment of life. 

Finally, I fail to understand this question if India had embraced welfare measures of government why did congress do so badly. Did it under estimate that poor also have ambition. Poor also wants to send his kids to school, yes English medium school that too privately run, poor want to drive car. For this poor wants to earn money not get free ration and three monthly income. Poor wants society to hold their hand also at the same time he wants society to create avenue so that he can stand on his own feet. A truth Mr Mander does not want to understand. 

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