Does Anyone Care for Him?

I was driving to my daughter to a coaching class. On a traffic intersection, I saw an old man pointing to his mouth and stomach. He was emaciated. His legs were thinner than the arm of a lingerie model. He had a helpless look in his face. 


My heart said give him some money. My brain said, this is no solution to the problem. There are so many like them. We must work towards removing the root cause. I did not give him any money. On the way, my daughter asked for a smartphone, cost not less than Rs. 20000. I thought of buying a new iPAD, cost not less than Rs 40000. Did we really deserve to even think of these not so needed items in our lives, when I remember the hungry face of the old man in intersection? 
By the way, Modi government has put forward its budget. Business said budget lacked vision, left leaners said budget lacked mission. Meanwhile, who thinks of the man in the intersection. Why sixty years of poverty alleviation policies have not been able of solve the problem of the man begging for food at the intersection? Does anyone has any answer?

I am neither a leftist nor a right leaning person. I am not against bullet train. All I want is a resurgent India  confident India, that is also compassionate. I believe jobs not dole will solve problems of India. But who takes care of the elderly, the infirm, the people  who cannot take benefit of government has to offer?  Should it not be the responsibility of us, our society, our corporates, our government to take care of all needy, poor, and destitute?. Corporate houses get tax break and subsidies. Many  business captains earn in multiple of crores yearly salary. Should these people not have any moral responsibility to take care of the weaker sections of our society. Should this not be our national priority along with things like infrastructre, education, healthcare etc, etc.. 

Tags: Poor, Poverty, Society, India, Growth, Development

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