Justice for Whom?

I am puzzled. What is happening to our justice system? Not only it is excruciatingly slow, many times it fails to deliver justice. Indian judiciary is independent from political control. Yet, seldom we see judgement that is out of the box. Whenever,  lower judiciary applies its mind, Arushi Talwar murder case, it is severely criticised by high profile lawyers and it is turned down at higher court.

There seem to be no sympathy and no empathy for the victim. How else can one interpret, decision to stay death sentence of four accused, Mukesh, Pawan, Akshay and Vinay, convicts in Nirbhaya case? I read, these four are reasonably certain that they will get presidential pardon also. So they may be out in few years. These four criminals had no remorse raping, disembowelling a girl and leaving her to die by the roadside in cold Dec night. Yet, society has to show them mercy. A fifth criminal is waiting his time out in a reformatory. Only because, he was a few years short of adult hood. He wants to forget what he did. But, what about us? How can we forget the brutality inflicted upon an unsuspecting girl? Her only fault was she went out for a movie with her friend, who happened to be a male. 

Remember, Aruna Shanbhaug, a nurse in a Mumbai hospital, who was about to get  married? Aruna was raped and left to die with an iron chain wrapped around her neck by a ward boy. Aruna is in coma for more than 20 years now. Her killer got eight years in jail. He left city, got married and settled. Yes he is settled in Delhi.. This is our justice system. Two victims, snatched from life, from family, from friends. Killers, enjoying life with all her niceties. Time to change the law. Heinous crime, severe punishment. Lock up the cretins for 50 years and throw the key away. Let them die every moment of their incarceration.

Not to mention plight of acid attack victims. A prime example is Sonali Mukherjee from Jharkhand. She had a bright future. Her face was disfigured by her tormentors by pouring acid. Sonali lost her vision. She could not do any work. Her tormentors got seven years and are out now. They are threatening Sonali Mukherjee’s family not to publicise the case. There are many such victims that do not get publicity. How can a person/s who permanently damage another persons life get away by serving only seven years in jail? Is there no justice? Can a judge not apply his/her mind and give sentence that matches the magnitude of crime?



Tags: Nirbhaya, Aruna Shanbhaug, Sonali Mukherjee, Mukesh, Pawan, Vinay, Akshay, Criminal Justice System, Supreme Court, Presidential Pardon

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