Do not Arm a Monkey with Sword

A Malayasian jet liner was shot down over Ukraine. All passengers and crew totaling close to 300 people died. Blame game has started. Ukraine claims the area where plane was downed was under the control of  ethnic Russian rebels that want to secede from Ukraine and merge into Russia. Since these rebels are armed and aided by Russia, it is the Russians who must be held accountable for the mess. Russian on the other hand summarily rejected the charge. Russia said the area where the accident happened was a territory under Ukraine. Russian cannot be held responsible for what happens within the boundaries of another sovregin nation.
It is surprising that an airliner flying almost five miles above the ground at nearly 500 miles per hour speed was confused to be a military aircraft! This kind of mistakes have happened before also. In the early eighties or may be late seventies, Russians had brought down a South Korean plane. All passengers on board died. A few years later, Americans had shot and destroyed an Iranian airliner carrying civilians. Those were the days of cold war. If two highly prepared and well trained professional armies can mistake a jet liner for a spy plane, less said is better of untrained or ill trained militia of Ukraine.
Since ancient times military strategists have indulged in destabilizing countries, perceived to be a threat, real or potential, through different means. Idea is to keep the country in a state of perpetual turmoil and if possible annexe or grab territory. Earlier it used to done through open aggression. In modern times, attack happens through arming and aiding dissidents in the country of interest. The present case in Ukraine is no different. Russia unhappy with Ukraine getting too close to West, is fuelling dissidence in Russian majority region of Ukraine. Rebels want to merge with Russia. Ukraine is bogged down to resolve internal struggle.

In this political gamesmanship, no power can take a morally superior position. Americans, Russians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Israel, Iran all have been involved in espionage, counter espionage and fuelling rebellion in foreging countires. Still, I think accountability of the accident should lie with the country that have supplied weapons to untrained people. However, nothing is likely to happen. United States and Western Europe may apply sanction of Russia. China will support Russia to create an anti-America block. Life will go on. Main casualty will be common people, who will keep on dying in this battle of money, muscle and ego. Moral of the story, if you arm a monkey with a sword, soon you will lose control whose head it will chop.
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