Landlord and His Power Game

This is the story of a young boy and his family moving into a new rented unit. How landlord wanted to assert his ownership right and how he tried to  humiliate the family when they resisted. Nirmala moved into new place, recently.  A local lawyer had build a palatial house. On one side of the... Continue Reading →

Indo Pak Tie Needs a Rethink

India and Pakistan have a very complex relationship. Eversince Bangladesh was created out of Pakistan, armed forces of Pakistan have vowed to sever a part of India. They have tried in Punjab, they are active in Jammu and Kashmir. They have also tried in fomenting trouble in India by promoting communal discord. India has moved... Continue Reading →

Little Boy and His Dream

A big open house expands horizons of a boy. It gives him a feel for the expanse. Boy hopes to become an engine driver so that he can move on from one part of the country to another. The boy spent his early childhood in Balasore, considered a small town in Orissa state in eastern... Continue Reading →

Last Laugh

In a family with teenage children often disagreements emerge between parents and children. Specially so if one or both parents have strong opinion and they want to micromanage their children’s life. Most of the time parents have their way because they control the finances. Many a time, however, children have the last laugh. In our... Continue Reading →

A Remarkable Speech

Another independence day has gone past us. India turned 68. Like many heads of governments before him, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also delivered his speech from the ramparts of Red Fort. This was Mr. Modi's first address to the nation after coming to power in Delhi three months before. Enough has been said and discussed... Continue Reading →

Celebrate An Enquiring Mind

Modern society demands stability. A predictable environment is conducive to business development. In a society where business thrives, people become wealthy and prosperous. We have before us examples of USA, Western Europe and Japan. Rest of the world is trying to emulate them. In modern society money is the fuel that drives prosperity. Those who... Continue Reading →

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