Celebrate An Enquiring Mind

Modern society demands stability. A predictable environment is conducive to business development. In a society where business thrives, people become wealthy and prosperous. We have before us examples of USA, Western Europe and Japan. Rest of the world is trying to emulate them. In modern society money is the fuel that drives prosperity. Those who make a lot of money command respect. Since time is equated with money, systems are deviced to prevent waste of time. There is process for everything and little scope for failure. Everyone is expected to follow the process. There is no doubt that perfection and precision are extremely important for smooth functioning of society. At the same time, in a process driven society are we ignoring creativity and originality? Anything novel entails risk, and risk means collapse of the system.

It takes a curious mind to notice and explore mysteries of nature. Apple used to drop from apple tree before Sir Isaac Newton noted the phenomenon and constructed theory of gravitation. It never invoked any question in any mind. Similarly, many such phenomena are happening right infront of us but our process driven mind fails to take note of these. Most of us live in anticipation of what is going to happen in future, ignoring present moment that we actually own. It is important to regenerate innate curiosity of mind to enjoy what is happening around us. One needs to stand apart from the rat race and enjoy miracles that life offers. As someone said, “ Past is History, Future is Mystery, only thing we have is Present. That is why it is a Gift.”

In the article “Losing Art of Getting Surprised” I try to argue the importance of getting out of our routine and enjoy the miracles that life offers us.


Tags: Business, Creativity, Isaac Newton, Novelty, Originality, Predictability, Stability,  Wealth

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