Last Laugh

In a family with teenage children often disagreements emerge between parents and children. Specially so if one or both parents have strong opinion and they want to micromanage their children’s life. Most of the time parents have their way because they control the finances. Many a time, however, children have the last laugh.
In our story, mother is a feisty woman from Tripura. She had her lineage in East Bengal.  Traditionally, people from East Bengal are stubborn and used to getting things done their way.  Seldom, they make compromises. Daughter’s academic future is certainly not in top of that list. If she could, mother would grow up for her daughter, study for her and write her exam. Unfortunately, our system and society does ot let that happen. So mother is unhappy, anxious and restless. More so because what will her long list of relatives, friends and family think? Mother will be a laughing stock in her community, if daughter cannot get into IIT or something equally prestigious. With global connectivity bad news spreads like wild fire these days. After a long consideration and deliberation in her own mind, mother decided to strike to a deal with her daughter. She reasoned, she will give a new Tablet computer to her daughter. In return, mother expected daughter would study and get grades in school tests.
Daughter, all of sixteen, had many things in her mind. Studying for grades is somewhat low among her priorities compared to putting a selfie in Facebook or chatting with her friends. Moreover, she was still smarting from the move her mother made yanking her out of the boarding school. When most of her school mates were in there, and she was missing them sorely. Remember daughter had inherited her mother’s X-chromosome and with it all stubbornness.
An all out war broke out on independence day eve. When mother decided to take away the privilege of using Tablet.
you cannot use the Tablet anymore”, declared mother.
Why not? I scored CGPA 10 in board exams, didn’t I? you promised a tablet if get good result
10th board and 12thboard are not the same. You have to study harder. “
I am studying very hard
Your marks does not show
So what I scored less, I shall make up in the board exams”
“Use the Tablet when you study hard and score good”
When arguments do not work, one person breaks down.  Mother was tough this time. She did not relent. So daughter gave back the tablet. Mother forgot, that daughter also had her mothers DNA. So mother when tried to use the tablet, she found password protected.
Dear open the password, please”
“No. You want to use it you open it”
“How can I open it, unless you share your password?”
“I do not use the tablet, I do not open the password
In these unequal fights, mothers usually have an upper hand as long as daughters are not independent and earning. Sometime or other daughter has to come back to mother groveling. Father or aunts are not of much help unless they can withstand eternal damnation. This time also, a truce evolved, mediated by aunt. Tabletwill stay in possession of aunt, when mother is out for work. Daughter will use it only one hour every evening. Password has to be removed. Tablet will be used by everyone, including younger sister.

However, like Versaille treaty or Simla agreement, this treaty is not being honored. Mother has gone back to teaching. Tablet is in permanent control of daughter, till mother comes and reclaims it. Tablet still remains password protected, no matter how many reminders, scolding and cajoling. Who had the last laugh, I wonder!

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