Indo Pak Tie Needs a Rethink

India and Pakistan have a very complex relationship. Eversince Bangladesh was created out of Pakistan, armed forces of Pakistan have vowed to sever a part of India. They have tried in Punjab, they are active in Jammu and Kashmir. They have also tried in fomenting trouble in India by promoting communal discord. India has moved from strength to strength. It is Pakistan that is getting a dose of her own medicine. As someone has said, the day Pakistani army cease to oppose India, their existence will be at stake. 
In this backdrop, it is not surprising that another Indo – Pak dialog has fallen victim to gamesmanship. There is much shock and awe at India cancelling the dialog. I am not sure why Indian media places so much importance on Pakistan? India should have good relation with all her neighbours, including Pakistan. When prime minister Modi invited all leaders of SAARC, it was a goodwill gesture not as a sign of weakness. It appears that some interest groups in Pakistan does not want two countries to have a peaceful relationship.
Recent increase in cross border firing, inviting Hurriyat leaders for talk indicate a well thought out strategy. No self respecting country should allow people wanting to secede from the country to hold talk with a foreign country on home soil. It is improper and poor etiquette on part of Pakistan to even arrange such a dialog with Hurriyat leaders. Hurriyat leaders hold Indian passport, live in India yet they do not want to talk to Indian leadership. This is strange and unacceptable.
Given internal turmoil in Pakistan, it may not be right time to have a dialog. Is there any surety, if Mr. Sharief resigns, next person in power with honour the dialog? I think India has done the right thing calling of dialog. I think it is unrealistic to expect that Pakistani armed forces will allow India Pakistan relationship to grow. They will play any and all cards in their armamentarium to derail any effort at normalcy. India must learn to live with Pakistani hostility. We must strengthen our guard, be friendly but verify what Pakistan has to offer.

At the same time there is a lot of cultural similarity between India and Pakistan. The other day, I was watching a serial produced in Pakistan. Quality of its storyline really struck me. So close to life were characters, I wondered why similar serials are not produced in India. In the process of foolhardiness of few people, if we miss out on genuine people to people interaction, it will be really a sacrilege. I think government should allow people to people contact, while protecting border.

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