Peer Pressure

He was staying in a boarding school in West Bengal and studying for his class ten exam. He had to share the room with three other boys. Two boys were from Calcutta and the third one was from a district town of Bishnupur. He was the odd man out. His parents were staying in Uttar... Continue Reading →

Such A Great Feat

India is a poor country. Should India invest in space research? We have been having this debate ever since our independence. Critics would argue that instead of wasting money on esoteric scientific pursuit, India should spend the money on measures to improve human welfare. India must build schools, build hospitals, spend money on healthcare, distribution... Continue Reading →

A Game of Chinese Checkers

India and China are two big countries of Asia. Both countries a share common border. British had drawn line separating India from China. This line is known as MacDonald line. After British left, China has gradually made it known that it does not recognize sanctity of McMohan line. China claimed Arunachal Pradesh, which is part... Continue Reading →


The day had started normally. As usual, he was sitting on the second bench. Didimoni, teacher in local dialect, was explaining something on the black board. Something terrible happened. He soiled his pants. He was mortified. Did not know what to do. He sat there thinking. Who should he inform? How is he going to... Continue Reading →

India, A One Sport Nation!

Every once in a while we engage in self-flagellation about how India is a one sports nation. How cricket is the only sports India is crazy about. How, India is neglecting other sports. This debate has again resurrected itself, after release of the movie Mary Kom, starring Priyanka Chopra.  May be this charge is true... Continue Reading →

First Day at School

Mother said, “Find a school for him. Get him admitted” “Is he not too young for school? He is hardly four” asked father. “He is old enough. Public school will take him in kinder garten” “How is he going to go to school and come back? It is so far away” Those days two kilometers... Continue Reading →

Practice What You Preach

It is often said that if we point a finger at others, four fingers are pointed at your direction. This adage cannot be more true in case of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Approximately nine months before, AAP lead by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal secured a beautiful victory in Delhi assembly election. Without muscle power, without money... Continue Reading →

Smoker’s Disease

We often see adverts on TV or in movie theatres how cigarette smoking is bad for us. Mostly we are told cigarette-smoking leads to cancer of the lung. Include in the list also beedi, hookah, pipe, cheroots etc. In short any smoke from burning tobacco has the potential to cause cancer. There is a  disease... Continue Reading →

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