Practice What You Preach

It is often said that if we point a finger at others, four fingers are pointed at your direction. This adage cannot be more true in case of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Approximately nine months before, AAP lead by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal secured a beautiful victory in Delhi assembly election. Without muscle power, without money power, door to door campaign by dedicated volunteers AAP won in Delhi. Since then a lot has changed. AAP came to power in Delhi. Relinquished power and went for national election. AAP lost Delhi as well as general election.
USP of AAP was impeccable integrity and uncompromising honesty. At the drop of a hat, AAP leaders would stand up and throw charge at people claiming them to be corrupt. In this shoot and scoot policy, AAP never provided much evidence, neither did they choose to proceed with the cases. Still nation believed that, if nothing else, AAP members are driven by ideology, shorne of personal greed and ambition. Impression emerged that AAP members are driven by ideology, honesty and integrity.
Yet, it is surprising that an RTI activist and AAP party member Chandra Mohan Sharma was arrested on charge of faking his own death. Mr. Sharma was unhappy with his family life. So he pretented that he died  in a burning car. Mr. Chandra Mohan Sharma moved to a different city. Mr. Sharma started cohabiting with another woman who used to live nearby his house in his earlier life.
Several question arises. A man who faked his death. In the process he killed, yes killed, a homeless man. That is murder. A man who puts others on the dock for lie, was living a life of fraud. Is this not double standard? If we want to expose others for lying, should we at least not live one of honesty? AAP party that used to be so sanctimonious about honesty, had Mr. Chandra Mohan Sharma as its member. AAP has not condemned the incident. Is this not double standard?
Finally, police detected a charred body, why did they not run DNA test? They could have found out that dead body was not of Mr. Chandra Mohan Sharma. Is this not pure incompetence / callousness / ignorance in this day and age?

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