Nocturnal Adventure

“Hey! Interested to see a jatra?” Biswanath asked. Jatrais a kind of theatre, where curtain is never drawn and one act moves seamlessly into another. Unlike in theatre, audience surround the stage from three sides. One side is kept open for entry and exit of actors. Jatra used to be very common in West Bengal.... Continue Reading →

Enough Participation, Time to Win Medals

Every year on annual sports day in school, while giving away prizes to winners of sporting events, our Head Master would say “winning or losing is not important, it is participation that counts.” It seems as a nation we have taken this motto quite seriously. Year on year we have send huge contingent of athletes... Continue Reading →

Misplaced Sense of Entitlement

British occupation of India ended in 1947. Since then, a new bunch of colonisers have tried to rule us by occupying seats of power. These new rulers are our political leaders.  Most politicians have gotten used to demanding special privilege in all spheres of life. This perk is paid for by tax paying citizens of... Continue Reading →

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