Ode to a daughter

My cousin shared this with me. I found it simply beautiful. Thought of sharing.मेरी बेटी थोड़ी सी बड़ी हो गई हैकुछ जिद्दी, कुछ नक् चढ़ी हो गई हैमेरी बेटी थोड़ी सी बड़ी हो गई हैअब अपनी हर बात मनवाने लगी हैहमको ही अब वो समझाने लगी हैहर दिन नई नई फरमाइशें होती हैलगता है कि... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Nilgiri Hills

A view of the Nilgiri mountain from scenic highway through Mudumali forest on the way to Ooty. I took a few pictures of the beautiful surroundings. Certainly, these pictures do not do justice to the beautiful and lush green Nilgiri hills.Scenic HighwayA View from the topRays of setting sun

Herd of Wild Elephants

A few days back I was travelling from Mysore to Ooty for the first time in life. I was pleasantly surprised when I was informed that we shall be passing through Bandipore tiger reserve.  I was fortunate enough to see a herd of wild elephants. My driver was afraid and said not use flash or... Continue Reading →

A Prime Minister and A Dreamer

More I listen to prime minister Modi, more I wonder how different he is from his nearest competitors. Modi is fresh in his thoughts and ideas. He does not peddle old ideas, that are beaten again and again. Modi gives a message of hope, a message of "can do" attitude. Anyone who has eyes can... Continue Reading →

No Choice but Fight

A battalion of central reserve police force was attacked by naxalites in Sukma region of Chattisgarh state in Dec of 2014. Fourteen jawans lost their lives. Nearly equal number were injured. This time two officers also lost their lives. In Chattisgarh state, naxalites have carried out several attacks in last few years. In earlier part... Continue Reading →

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