No Choice but Fight

A battalion of central reserve police force was attacked by naxalites in Sukma region of Chattisgarh state in Dec of 2014. Fourteen jawans lost their lives. Nearly equal number were injured. This time two officers also lost their lives. In Chattisgarh state, naxalites have carried out several attacks in last few years. In earlier part of the year, 11 CRPF jawans and 4  police men were killed in the same Sukma region. In 2010, 75 CRPF jawans were killed in an ambush in Dantewada region. In 2013 many top leaders of Chattishgarh congress were killed along with Mahendra Kurma of Salwa Judum. A total of 27 people were killed.
I feel sad when security force jawans are killed in battle. It is important that nation takes care of the family of each and every member of security force that put their lives on the line to keep us safe from enemy, be it internal or external.
I think our forces are either not prepared or do not follow standard operating procedure for jungle warfare. Knowing fully well that these areas are extremely prone to danger of sudden attacks, it is strange that our forces come under fire and lose trained manpower. It is highly unusual for a force trained to fight committed warriors.
I find it strange, however, when we criticize how our enemy has attacked us in a dastardly manner. We must not forget Indian government has declared war against naxalites. We must be prepared to kill or get killed. There is no room to lower guard. We have to outsmart our enemy with superior fire power, superior technique, superior force and greater commitment. Naxalites are certainly playing to their strength by using their advantagep of surprise better. They are not showing any mercy to Indian forces,  

Finally, it is debatable if government has made the right choice in fighting naxalites in a war. Government forces are bound by rule of law and cannot act like naxalites. For example, in their latest attack on forces, naxalites had used civilians as human shield. Besides, there is ideological differences too. Naxalites never believed in pluralistic democracy. They wanted and still want to liberate areas of government control. Under this scenario, government has little choice but to fight them. I think, government needs to do its job better by raising better force.choice but to fight them. I think, government needs to do its job better by raising better force.

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