A Prime Minister and A Dreamer

More I listen to prime minister Modi, more I wonder how different he is from his nearest competitors. Modi is fresh in his thoughts and ideas. He does not peddle old ideas, that are beaten again and again. Modi gives a message of hope, a message of “can do” attitude. Anyone who has eyes can see India is dirty, India is corrupt India is a difficult place to live unless one is well connected. Other politicians, many even those in BJP, probably never dreamt of coming out of old India.
A typical example is Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, a minister in central government. Only way Sadhvi could mobilise her supporters by not selling a vision but by peddling divisive and abusive language – “ramzade vs haramzade”. Look at chief minister of certain state in India who can only arouse her supporters by using abusive phrases in local dialect – “bamboo up the rear end”. These are also our leaders. They can only think in present, but they cannot sell a  dream.

Modi is a dreamer. He is trying to sell his dream of a better India. It is upto us to make his vision a success. At the end of the day we should make it our vision as well. Not many prime minister’s , past or present, in India or abroad, have spoke with sincerity about good of country above politics. That is Modi. Prime Minister Modi had been invited by Mr. Manik Sarkar, honorable Chief Minister of Tripura, to address his cabinet on good governance.  Mr. Manick Sarkar is a leftist in his  political ideology. Mr. Sarkar’s political belief is diametrically opposite to that followed by Mr. Modi, a right of centre in his political belief. Yet both of them can talk on good governance. This a tribute to Mr. Modi and Mr. Sarkar and their professionalism.  a Marxist by his political ideology, to talk to his ministers on good governance. I read some where Modi during his pracharak days read Swami Vivekananda. Swamiji wanted Indians to collaborate with the west in the area of technology. Modi is doing just that. Modi is inviting Americans, Europeans, Australians, Japanese and Chinese to help India in the area of high technology. I hope Modi is successful.

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